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Expect Nothing but the Best When You Work with Tango Wave

At Tango Wave, a rigorous product quality control program is applied to assure product reliability. Tango Wave takes pride in providing products and services that serve our customer’s needs. Product integrity is verified via design confirmation and manufacturing control.
Our state-of-the-art design, assembly, test resources, and facilities are used in the development and fabrication of our high-quality products. From the moment an idea is conceived through the end of a product’s life cycle we stand behind our all products.

From Product Concepts to Product Solutions

Tango Wave’s founders are veterans of the vacuum tube and microwave power amplifier industry: It's in our DNA. The company is comprised of highly motivated and excited innovators who take great pride in developing solutions to solve every customer’s needs. If you have a need for a unique amplifier solution, contact us. We will have our innovation experts discuss possible solutions, benefits and tradeoffs to address your specific SATCOM requirements.

Engineering and Product Design

Tango Wave has a broad staff of experienced engineering talent; each engineer and designer specializing in technologies and technical skills to assure outstanding products. Advance simulation tools are utilized in the design of all our products. Product qualification and acceptance testing is standard practice and includes temperature testing, vibration, shock and environmental stress screening.
Tango-Wave_facilities_ver1bOur engineering and procurement teams have strong alliances with our supply chain. We utilize the best of technology and resources available for the design and fabrication of the most modern satellite uplink power amplifiers available in the SATCOM market.

Quality Assurance & Compliance in Fabrication of Our Products

Visitors to our facilities will observe the latest in state-of-the-art power amplifier manufacturing. Tango Wave’s factory is established with Just In Time (JIT) and Demand Flow Technology (DFT) processes for high reliability manufacturing. Total Quality Control (TQC) check points are an integrated part of the design and manufacturing process. One hundred percent of Tango Wave products are subjected to rigorous and thorough testing in our reliability department.Tango-Wave_facilities_ver1c

Quality is Part of Our Culture and We Strive to Provide the Best Products Available:

All products are designed for compliance of global environmental and safety standards
Tango Wave is working to achieve ISO 9001:2008 status
All products are designed for European CE-Mark standards
Tango Wave is WEEE compliant


Respecting Our Environment and Conducting Sustainable Business Practices

Tango Wave is committed to conducting operations and activities in a manner that protects the environment and conserves natural resources. Design and production of our high efficiency products is at the core of our environmental conscious. Tango Wave’s line of high efficiency products can help you to conserve the environment and it will also help to conserve your operational budget. Come explore the difference that a Tango Wave product can make in achieving your conservation objectives.