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When experience meets youth, new and powerful products result. Tango Wave has introduced a more affordable line of compact, light-weight, high-power amplifiers to satisfy the global hunger of demanding broadband DSNG and SNG systems.


The Transportable market segment with applications including Oil and Gas Exploration, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Communications and Government Operations are demanding lightweight, compact and more affordable power amplifiers. Tango Wave with its new and powerful amplifier products is just the answer for this requirement.


When DTH service providers wanted to save energy costs from their installed base of Klystron amplifiers they turned to TWTAs. Tango Wave, a manufacturer of ODU TWTAs, is the prime choice to these service providers. Tango Wave TWTAs are the leading high power performance devices with excellent size, weight and efficiency.


Gateway Operators expect excellence from their equipment manufacturers, and so does Tango Wave! Tango Wave is the ideal choice for Gateway operators with leading-edge low-cost, high-performance power amplifiers. Tango Wave power amplifiers and power up-converters reduce total operational expense utilizing high-efficiency TWTA technology. Performance combined with outstanding customer service helps to keep gateways
operating in the GREEN.


The Video market segment is demanding more bandwidth as it charts the UHD video experience. Tango Wave meets these demands today with compact, high-efficiency, linear, broadband power amplifiers. Tango Wave TWTAs are the right solution to meet these demands. With continued product design and development, Tango Wave is looking forward to providing the solutions for upcoming UHD demands.