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Gateway Market Segment

Tango Wave power amplifiers deliver broadband power to serve high data-­rate gateways!

Tango Wave provides a wide range of amplifiers designed for Gateway Operators:

   Amplifiers designed smaller, lighter weight and better power performance

   Amplifiers designed to optimize linear power consumption

   Amplifiers designed with Common technology and modules

   Amplifiers designed for Global use

Gateway Operators expect excellence from their equipment manufacturers, and so does Tango Wave!
Tango Wave, is an ideal choice for Gateway operators with leading-edge low-cost, high-performance power amplifiers. Tango Wave power amplifiers and power up-converters reduce total operational expense utilizing high-efficiency TWTA (Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier) technology. Performance combined with outstanding customer service helps to keep gateways operating in the GREEN.

Tango Wave is a premier global provider of SATCOM power amplifier products. The company is operated by experienced industry veterans, with deep roots in Vacuum device technology and the SATCOM markets. We manufacture high-power, high-linearity ODU TWTAs and subsystems. Our amplifier products cover Ku, DBS and Ka-band frequencies with power levels up to 1250 watts; including options for redundancy, power combining and BUCs.