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Transportable Market Segment

Tango Wave leads the way in the Transportable power amplifier market!

Tango Wave provides solutions for your Transportable needs:

   Provides system solutions for Power Amplifiers

   Provides power combining, polarity switching, load switching and combinations of these

   Provides low cost, low loss solutions for maximum EIRP

   Provides higher linear power, higher efficiency and smaller and lighter amplifiers

The Transportable market segment with applications including Oil and Gas Exploration, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Communications and Government Operations are demanding lightweight, compact and more affordable power amplifiers. Tango Wave with its new and powerful amplifier products is just the answer for this requirement.

Tango Wave’s power amplifiers are designed to optimize linear power performance and minimize power consumption making them the most efficient linear power amplifiers available. The reduced size and weight of Tango Wave’s amplifiers are the most user friendly for installation and maintenance in the industry.