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The Tango Wave Ku-Band series of power amplifiers are high-performance TWT (traveling wave tube) designs offering high-power, high-linearity designs for direct-to-home (DTH), global up-linking, satellite news gathering (DSNG/SNG), broadcasting, voice/data, mobile up-linking and maritime applications.

These Tango Wave TWTAs offer power levels from 400 Watts CW (continuous wave) and Peak up to 2500 Watts Peak. Tango Wave offers options for redundancy, power combining and block up-converters (BUCs). The Ku-Band series power amplifiers are designed for global use. The reduced size and weight is user friendly for shipping and installation.

These TWTAs provide the best in class Size, Weight and Power performance of any SATCOM outdoor power amplifier. These amplifiers are designed to optimize linear power performance and minimize power consumption, making them the most efficient linear power amplifiers available. The carbon footprint of Tango Wave power amplifiers is driven by the high efficiency power conversion of the traveling wave tube; an unmatched technology for power conversion.